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29th March 2020

Precious Cells

Explore “Precious Cells” (2023) via your own web browser (on your phone, tablet or computer) to discover scientific, societal and ethical points of view on human developmental biology research. Click on the button below to access the artwork, and then click on the embryos to find out more about this research. This new interactive online […]

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27th March 2020


“Shielding” explores the impact of the COVID-19 quarantine on women facing domestic abuse and the paradoxical meaning of home as shelter. News stories around the world have highlighted the significant upsurge in violence and the need for increased support for victims of abuse from both governments and the charity sector, at a time when support […]

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24th January 2020

The Bacterial Sublime

The following paper was originally presented at the Mutamorphosis Conference in Prague in 2012. There is a sense that the world is heading towards a new pandemic, that an unknown disease will emerge or that an existing pathogen will evolve strategies to resist our limited antibiotic cures and strike us down. At the heart of […]

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3rd December 2019

Trust Me, I’m an Artist

“Trust Me, I’m an Artist” (2011 – 2017) was a major project led by Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with Bobbie Farsides (Professor of Clinical Ethics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Lucas Evers at Waag Society which investigates the ethical issues arising from artists working in laboratory settings. The project considers how artists and […]

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