Shielding: Art/Data/Health

Anna Dumitriu

01 Jan

Anna Dumitriu is currently working on a new project entitled “Shielding”, which looks at the impact of self-isolation and quarantine due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the risks to women from domestic violence, especially as they are confined to their homes for up to twenty-four hours per day with their potentially abusive partners.

News stories around the world have been highlighting this risk, the increases in violence, and the need for increased support from both governments and the charity sector, and this all comes at a time when support is much harder to access because of infection prevention measures and reduced funding and capacity in the charity sector.

Work in progress computer modelling

This work is commissioned as part of the AHRC funded ART/DATA/HEALTH Project led by Dr Aristea Fotopoulou at the University of Brighton 2018-20. Anna Dumitriu’s project is inspired by the work of community domestic abuse and violence charity RISE. Learn more about the project here.

Work in progress computer modelling