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31st March 2020

Better Factory: Wine Biomaterials AR Chandelier

The Biomaterials AR Chandelier (2024) explores how biomaterials and augmented reality art can impact sustainability and the circular economy in the wine industry. Dumitriu has created an intricate hand-made chandelier installation using wine waste, specifically biotextiles made using spolied wine and feccia (final grape pressing) kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic cultures of yeast and bacteria), and bio-plastics […]

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20th December 2018

The Sequence Project

The Sequence Project involved the research, development, production and exhibition of a series of artworks fusing leading edge genomics and digital technologies with bacterial BioArt, traditional media and altered historical artefacts, to artistically investigate the emerging technology of whole genome sequencing of bacteria and consider what it means to us personally, culturally and socially.  The […]

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