Better Factory: Wine Biomaterials AR Chandelier

Wine Waste Biomaterials Chandelier

The Biomaterials AR Chandelier (2024) explores how biomaterials and augmented reality art can impact sustainability and the circular economy in the wine industry. Dumitriu has created an intricate hand-made chandelier installation using wine waste, specifically biotextiles made using spolied wine and feccia (final grape pressing) kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic cultures of yeast and bacteria), and bio-plastics and bio-composites from wine waste (grape marc and vine clippings) – all from scratch.

Wine Waste Biomaterials Chandelier with Augmented Reality

The biomaterials have been cast into forms inspired by photogrammetry scans from the winery of project partners Marco Felluga in Italy.

Wine Waste Biomaterials Chandelier installation view

The chandelier triggers a generative augmented reality app #artandwineAR that gives every user a unique experience. It is accompanied by a sonification of fermentation data produced by IoT corks in barrels at the Marco Felluga winery. The IoT corks have been created by collaborating technology company BUBAMARA-V from Serbia. The AR app development was undertaken by Alex May. Dumitriu has also produced an open source wine waste biomaterials recipe book. The project has been created as part of the EU STARTS Better Factory: Internet of Art and Wine (IoWA) Project.

Wine Waste Biomaterials Chandelier with Fermentation Sonification

BioMaterials from Wine Waste

Dried SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) bacterial cellulose grown from spoiled wine and kombucha and mycelium

Recipes for creating biomaterials (bio-plastics and bio-composites) from wine waste have been released in an open source booklet “How to Create Biomaterials from Wine Waste” to enable other artists and designers to work with these materials. Recipes can also be found on GitHub.

Biomaterials Book

Anna Dumitriu is also able to offer biomaterials workshops where participants can experiment with the possibilities of working with wine waste materials to create their own unique biomaterials.

Detail of the Wine Waste Biomaterials Chandelier

The video below shows taste of some of the biomaterials, bioplastics and biocomposites that Anna Dumitriu has experimented with during her EU Better Factory Project with the IoWA KTE.

Biomaterials experiments created from wine waste

Dumitriu is additionally collaborating with materials scientist Gary Cass to explore bio-cellulose foam materials.

Augmented Reality Artwork

#ArtandWineAR app triggered from Chandelier

The story of the wine circular economy in the wine industry is explored through augmented reality artwork in the form of an e-label artwork triggered from a wine label. The video below shows Anna Dumitriu’s Augmented Reality (AR) App prototype, created in collaboration with Alex May. The AR artwork is generative so every user will experience a unique artwork.

#ArtandWineAR app triggered from a bottle of wine


An interview with the Better Factory: Internet of Art and Wine (IoWA) team by Charlotte Tucker from Better Factory was published in July 2023. Read it here.


Vine leaves at Marco Felluga winery
The special soil at Marco Felluga’s Russiz Superiore winery
Vintage wines covered with “cellar cloth” mould Marco Felluga’s Russiz Superiore winery
A budding grape vine at Marco Felluga’s Russiz Superiore winery
Wine aging in oak barrels at Marco Felluga winery


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 951813.