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31st March 2020

Physic-AI Garden

“Physic-AI Garden” takes the form of stunning and dynamic digital garden, where beautiful virtual plants and fungi grow and interact with each other and with audiences. The plants each represent different drugs and the garden grows according to what drugs work well together and what drugs interact negatively or cause side effects. Audiences can ‘plant’ […]

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29th March 2020

Precious Cells

Explore “Precious Cells” (2023) via your own web browser (on your phone, tablet or computer) to discover scientific, societal and ethical points of view on human developmental biology research. Click on the button below to access the artwork, and then click on the embryos to find out more about this research. This new interactive online […]

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27th March 2020


“Susceptible” is a data-driven interactive digital artwork by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May based on cutting-edge research from CRyPTIC, an international consortium led by the University of Oxford. CRyPTIC’s research analysed thousands of images of the tuberculosis (TB) bacteria growing in the presence of different antibiotics. Researchers then combined that data with information about the […]

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3rd October 2019

Super-organism Series

Super-organism is an ongoing series of artworks investigating the human microbiome by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May. It currently comprises “Super-organism” a full body interactive installation and participatory workshop commissioned by Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, a video installation “Super-organism: The Living Microbiome” commissioned by The Wellcome Collection and “The Human Super-organism” focussing on the bacteria […]

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