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3rd March 2023

Fermenting Futures

The “Fermenting Futures” project (2022) by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May explores the significance of yeast biotechnology from a cultural and aesthetic perspective, engaging audiences in the history and future of this important, but under-recognised, field. The project was created in collaboration with Professor Diethard Mattanovich, Professor Michael Sauer, Dr. Özge Ata and Dr. Martin […]

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29th March 2020

Precious Cells

Explore “Precious Cells” (2023) via your own web browser (on your phone, tablet or computer) to discover scientific, societal and ethical points of view on human developmental biology research. Click on the button below to access the artwork, and then click on the embryos to find out more about this research. This new interactive online […]

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27th March 2020


“Susceptible” is a data-driven interactive digital artwork by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May based on cutting-edge research from CRyPTIC, an international consortium led by the University of Oxford. CRyPTIC’s research analysed thousands of images of the tuberculosis (TB) bacteria growing in the presence of different antibiotics. Researchers then combined that data with information about the […]

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29th January 2020

The Hypersymbiont Dress

“The Hypersymbiont Dress” (2013-17) is stained and video mapped with bacteria that may have the potential to enhance us. It draws attention to ways in which our own bacterial flora or even pathogens, could be enhanced to turn us into human super-organisms, with improved creativity, improved health and even improved personalities. The concept of this […]

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1st January 2018

Vienna Underground

Vienna Underground/The Third Woman (2007-9) project was a multifaceted locative media performance based film/game with generative music elements which Anna Dumitriu collaborated on as part of a team of artists. The game element was a re-visioning of the film “The Third Man” which tells the story of the smuggling of antibiotics in post war Vienna. […]

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1st January 2018


“BioReactor” (2011) was large-scale site-specific video mapped bio-digital installation at Ambika P3 Gallery in London, created for Kinetica Art Fair 2011. “A dirty wetware body, thick with bacteria and mutated by electromagnetic fields, learns to feed off the digital technology that surrounds it, leeching energy from every data source and transforming – not only itself […]

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1st February 2017


“KryoLab” (2007-8) was a ‘live’ hands-on experience for the visitor who was to feel like they had just stumbled across a momentarily deserted laboratory room – where scientists (and artists) were clearly striving to understand the complex Arctic ecosystem. The work explored individual and also collective responsibility about climate change and melting Arctic ice (the […]

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